Alright, you caught me. That’s a downright lie, hah! I’m just lookin’ for someone with my favourite blood type (O negative by the way) and a couple of fingers to spare. It’s hard work growing as fast as I gotta, but this planet isn’t going to conquer itself. Plants are clearly the dominant species here! I mean, that hottie Poison Ivy was always best when she was a cutie with a green bootie! Of course, I’d take a bite out of her any day, just gimme a shot!

Anyway, I’ll keep ya posted on my journey to conquer mankind. Maybe I’ll let Caitlinn talk about somethin’ else next week, if I feel like it. If not, I guess you’ll get to enjoy my company a little more before I’m your overlord!

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I’m just a cute little blood sucking space plant lookin’ for someone to love! <3

Helloooo everybody at the Culture Cache! I am your soon to be overlord, the fantastical and amazing Audrey II!

It’s not all fun and games over here. I’ll be a big pain in humanity’s behind by the end of this, but right now I’m kind of a shrimp, and this Caitlinn is kinda whiny. This orange critter she calls ‘Dono’ has been nibblin’ on my leaves! How’s that a way to treat a plant like me?! I didn’t get set out on this planet just to become a midnight snack for some warm blooded mammal! The absolute NERVE.

Well, that’s what they’re callin’ me, anyway. I’ve got your beloved ‘Caitlinn’ tending to my every little need, so she’s a bit too busy for this little... hoop-de-do she’s been working on here. I just wanted to talk a little bit about myself, because who wouldn’t want to hear about little ol’ me?