0907:  Act surprised as to how quickly game was won.  Ignore other players that accuse you of “net decking.”

2005:  Attempt to troll friends.  Fail epically.

0845:  Ask 2 shop patrons if they would like to try WCW Nitro.  They leave, planning to never return to Local Game Store.

1242:  Wake up from cat licking face.  Thank “better alarm clock,”  grab a few Bud Lites with Lime from the fridge.

2250:  Arrive home.  Break open case of Bud Lite with Lime.

0835:  Find empty spot in play area of store.  Realize that no one else planned to be there until 9.  Blame others for being lazy.

1300:  Watch Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse.

1905:  In middle of 3rd game, yell at teammates, demanding to do map objectives.

2045:  Remember how to spell ESPN, can actually check sportsballs scores.

2302:  Pass out after chugging two Bud Lite with Limes.  Feel accomplished.

1906:  Completely ignore map objectives.

0950:  Tell group that current mutually-agreed-upon CCG sucks.  Say all should be playing WCW Nitro.

2207:  Solid position mid-game.  State you have all night.


0902:  Last member of SGoA shows up.  Act glad to see him, make up excuse to owe him a beer.

0905:  Play first game of mutually-agreed-upon CCG.

0800:  Finally get out of bed.  Hope what you slept in was good enough for public;  otherwise, their problem, not yours.

1509:  Watch Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse.

0859:  Rest of SGoA show up except one.  Explain to rest of group how you never liked the one guy who is currently missing.

2238:  Grocer has usual 24 pack of Bud Lite with Lime ready for you.  Appreciate that something is stable in life.

2130:  Refuse to partake in “Grav-O-Bomb” chant.

1507:  Manual release.

2100:  Friends feel sympathy, end Arkham Horror game early to play full SGoA game of Bang!  Heroes of The Storm.

1109:  Hit up Taco Bell for highest-calorie entree.

2213:  Eliminated from game first, told to “learn to play, noob.”  Tell others to “uninstall game.”  General confusion.  Accuse all others of being on drugs.

1830:  Decide to play “just one more.”

0810:  Leave house, hit up a McDonald's for favorite breakfast:  McGriddle between two s'mores Pop-Tarts.

2000:  Arrive at host house for evening gaming.  SGoA has already started a game of Arkham Horror, hoping that your earlier promise was true considering the time.

2010:  Check sportsball scores on phone.

1930:  After private messaging every random teammate after last game reasons why they need to just uninstall game, grab evening game materials, and leave house.

@tomixfitz has addictions.  Thankfully, they are all gaming related.  Followers are always welcomed, and only rarely ridiculed.

2101:  Comment that theme is dumb, video games are for nerds, but will give try.

0930:  Viewing game, accuse both players of playing a “net deck.”  

0830:  Arrive at Local Game Store for Game Day.  Arrived before business owner, so parked in his spot.  Have to teach importance of keeping a schedule.

2155:  Not in good position early-game.  Say you are limited on time.

Not this asshole.

0730:  Alarm blares, knock over half-filled Bud Lite with Lime can to turn off alarm.  Consider spillage to be liquid bread for the house pets.

2221:  Leave, again stating that you are done with SGoA.  Make note in phone's calendar of next week's location and time.

1015:  Make ethnically-insensitive joke loudly.  Say its “cool” because you're “2% African-American.”

0955:  Noting severe dissent, suggest Versus System (DC Comics theme only, because Wolverine “totally rules”) as new mutually-agreed-upon game.

1150:  Pass out on couch from “perfect lunch.”

1800:  Notice you have an hour before evening gaming.  Log into Heroes of The Storm for a “quick game.”

2103:  Start making comments that show Heroes of The Storm knowledge.  Say you figure it all out with “context clues.”

1100:  From losing a close game, loudly proclaim to never come back to SGOA or Local Game Store.  Check with owner while leaving about shipping status of next mutually-agreed-upon CCG expansion, leaves note to order plenty since you will buy at least 2 cases.

1120:  Hit up McDonald's for milkshake.  Feel accomplished for engineering “perfect lunch.”

2030:  Still checking scores.

1112:  Burger King drive-thru for fries.


2145:  Win game, question game designer's sexuality.  Agree to play “just one more.”