​8.  The 1994 FIFA World Cup was held in the United States.  Why do people only care about soccer once every 4 years?

​7.  What city had a police-fueled riot in 1992 that made Ferguson look like a game of patty-cake?

1.  What fast food spokesperson from the 90's got in trouble in 2015 for preferring women who were a little too “fresh?”

​10.  What popular family TV sitcom dad took his on-air role as a gynecologist a little too seriously with the help of his cappuccino machine?

​11.  What philosopher, actor, musician, and culture icon is tattooed on Sal Vulcano's thigh? It's relevant because this dude was born in 1998.  I'll commentate my own questions.  You can't tell me how to live my life.

​15.  What Air Force Brigadier General died on July 2nd, 1997, probably while arguing with Clarence?

​9.  Ensuring that the American legal system is a topic of serious logical debates, what year did the OJ Simpson civil trial begin?

​12.  What former LA Laker has been living with HIV since 1991, proving that the secret to long life might really be money?

2.  What movie franchise that has entries in 3 straight decades begins with the line of dialogue “Excuse me, do you know the way to the medical school?”

This is the first in my “By A Jerk” series.  The concept is simple:  What would a game, a certain rules set, details of game design, etc... be if they were written/created by a jerk.

By A Jerk:  90's Trivial Pursuit Edition

​6.  What popular actress was born in April of 1990?  Doctors still have no idea why she was born without the ability to express emotions on her face.

​4.  Starting in the 90's, Hollywood started spending tons of money saving Matt Damon.  How much money has been spent saving Matt Damon by the end of 2015?

Jared Fogle

Dumb and Dumber


Way too much.

Doctor Who

Kristen Stewart


Your answer is as good as mine.


Dr. Huxtable

Jaden Smith

“Magic” Johnson

Pizza Hut

Justin Bieber

James “Jimmy” Stewart

Below are questions written for an imaginary updated edition of 90's Trivial Pursuit, created in the mid-2010's, by a total jerk.

​13.  The fight against communism was officially won when what business opened up in the Soviet Union on September 10th, 1990?

​14.  What pop-music scrotum was born in the 90's?

@tomixfitz should keep his day job as a digital gnome.  You can follow his Spotify playlist titled “Punk Rock TableTop.”


​3.  Tupac wrote a song a long time ago.  A long, long time ago.  What year did he write that song?

5.  What popular British children's show running since the Kennedy assassination had as it's only entry in the 90's a TV movie on Fox, who would kill also Drive and Firefly in the future?