Planning is a huge part of keeping cosplay fun and safe for everyone! Keep these things in mind for the future, or you might have a bad time! We don’t want that now, do we? 

I don’t recommend going to conventions alone, mostly for safety reasons, but if you choose to, be sure you bring cosplays that are functional. Whether it be a Pokemon trainer or a Saiyan, choose functional first. Also, practicality. Are you willing to carry that giant prop all day? I could easily wear a fursuit alone at a convention, but the limited vision means it might not be a good idea. That and, while I may be able to get out of it on my own, can I do it if I start to overheat, or any other emergency? Never risk your safety for looking awesome. It’s tempting, especially when you see pictures from amazing photoshoots. Just remember those photoshoots are not real life!

Brother? There’s no fly on this suit...

So, you found the perfect cosplay, huh? The problem is, it involves about six pieces of large armor, a huge prop, and no easy way out of it. Functioning in cosplay is generally difficult.

Peeing is for the weak.

When planning your costume, try to think of ways to make it easier! I’m not ashamed to admit I put poppers on my Bleez unitard’s crotch so I could go to the bathroom. The small oversight of course, being the wings. There was no way to fit in a stall.

What I tend to do for my cosplays, and anyone else in my group, is come up with a game plan in terms of traveling and bathroom time. Generally someone is the main bag carrier, and they hold onto important things, which varies depending on costume. Sometimes it’s straws for masks and makeup. Sometimes we keep cool packs, water, powerade, etc. I try to fit pockets into all of my costumes, but if I can’t then they will carry those also.

At the end of the day, the only thing that makes a non-casual/simple cosplay easy to function in is a handler. Whether your handler is in street clothes or a simple costume, you’re probably going to want one. Can you go without one? Of course, but you may end up like an Alphonse cosplayer I saw once, who was screaming in the crowd “WHERE ARE YOU?! I HAVE TO PEE!” after losing her handler.

Seriously though, the only way I could pee was if I had someone remove the wings (which I could not get in and out of on my own anyway) and use the toilet. At that point it was just a matter of protecting my meager modesty, which just meant I needed to wear a sports bra underneath everything. Thinking about how you’re going to function is very important.