- See you in the pit.
--Tomix Fitzgomer

Remember, if there is a game you want me to review, criticize, dissect, take pretty pictures of, etc,...  please donate and specify what game you are interested in.  All profits go towards financing what YOU want to see here at TheCultureCache.

Look out, Interwebz! Here comes teh gnome!

It doesn't matter if you have played Magic: The Gathering since Alpha or you have never touched a game-piece or set of dice before.  These articles and videos are to help you have fun in a set rules system, or in an altered rules system of your own choosing.  And most importantly, this section is a sandbox (and often a soap-box) for this gnome to have fun.

If you place a game in front of me, I will play it.  I will give you an honest opinion about it.  If it is not fun, I will find a way to make it fun, or at least a way to amuse myself with it.  One advantage table games have over video games is an immediate and easy way to break, bend, alter, add, ignore, or delete rules that cause a game to not be fun for the play group. And to me, a game should always root itself down in fun.  I am not generally a competitive person, but you don't have to be competitive or always win in order to have fun with a game.

I play this stipulation on Life every morning.

So, why am I here in this den of Customizable Card Games (CCGs), Role-Playing Games (RPGs), and board games?  Mainly because a music section would cost enough money to shut this website down for good.  And if I cause this site to fail, it will be in a fashion much more punk rock than bankruptcy.

Make no mistake, I am by no means a traditional expert on tabletop gaming.  I have never built a tournament winning Magic: The Gathering deck.  I relatively suck at acting as a Game Master for Dungeons and Dragons.  To be honest, I have somehow managed to lose more games of Monopoly than I have played (Don't ask me how that happened; it confuses me as much as it confuses you).


My name is Tomix, and I was approached to be a content generator on this website.  My intention was to write entertaining and informative articles and videos about music.  After starting a month's worth of content, I was informed about copyright laws and reminded that we can't make money if we are tied up in litigation.  So, much like the Beastie Boys (or a game of Chrononauts), my plans and goals had to reformat.