One of my favourite features is the chat. The only thing I found annoying about it was there was no way for me to stay in the chat and not get notifications. I didn’t want to leave the particular Steven Universe chat I was a part of - I liked the people on it, and I didn’t want to risk not finding that one again. I just couldn’t stand the random pings at 1 AM though! If there was a way to save chatrooms (or turn off notifications from them) that would make the app better, but that’s more of a side thing that’s not required anyway. This app is meant to make the community closer, and promote more exposure for lesser known people, and I think it does a great job of just that!

Truth be told, I still write my lists. They’re therapeutic for me, but this app gives me a neat, clean place to plug in all the information. You can keep handy reference photos for your costume right on hand without digging for them, easily keep track of things you still need to make or buy, etc. 

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Another great cosplay question, what about sharing your costumes with the world? We have plenty of websites that allow us to do that, such as DeviantArt, and even good old FaceBook, but what about a simple app for your phone? 

Got any other cosplay related apps you know about and think I should try out? Go ahead and let me know!

I personally adore the Cosplay Amino app. It takes some getting used to because the set up is a little... unorganized, but once you get the hang of it it’s quite a bit of fun. It’s easy enough to post your work and get recognition compared to some of these bigger websites. It’s also super easy to search for content in your topic of choice.

I’ve used this app in the past, and do find it useful! Others have found it to be more helpful than I have, personally, but I’m just addicted to writing my lists. Check the app out and see if it’s good for you! If you have a lot of costumes going on at once, it can help you keep everything straight with a quick glance on your phone.

The simple answer to this has been the Cosplanner app! This nifty little app for your phone (or other mobile device) is so incredibly useful, it’s hard not to sing it’s praises. I’m a notorious list-maker, especially when crunch time comes around. I obsessively write down what’s left to finish, how much money I’ve spent, and how much time has been spent on the project. This app helps with all of that.

So, time to start planning all your new costumes for the year. There’s a lot to keep track of though, and without making a ton of lists all over your house, how are you going to keep up with it?