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A game for ages 6+, this game will teach your kids how to be better at Blackjack.  The goal is to get the stack of numbers to add to 21 without going over.  Whoever is able to wins the round.  If someone goes over 21 (known in this game as Busting, to no surprise), everyone else wins the round.  In this version, Sorry! cards steal the win from whoever is about to win the round.  Seriously, it might be easier and more profitable in the long run to teach the rules of Blackjack.

Punk Rock for Your Tabletop:

The only game here is attempting to not buy this on sight.  I'm 32, don't live alone, and I have 2 cats.  What about it?

This is what you get with Tim Armstrong on Pro Tools, Travis Barker on drums, and Skinhead Rob rapping.  One of my favorite supergroups.

Sorry I Barfed On Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)

Sorry!  Disney Edition

Another common skin in the world of board games.  This one adds some interesting gameplay elements.  Each color has their own cast of characters (Villains, Princesses, etc).  Also, some of the cards are additionally coloured, and allow special rules and movements if the player of a colour draws a card of the same colour.  For example, if a green player draws a green 12, they have the option to move their pawn farthest along on the board immediately into their Home.  Call me crazy, but this version might be added to my own collection soon.

I hear you now...  “But, Tomix, that isn't punk rock!”  To you, I say....  I don't give a [gentle caress].

Sorry!  Alternate Versions

Sorry! Star Wars Edition

There should be no doubt that there is a Star Wars version of this game.  In this version, your pawns are droids repairing the Millennium Falcon.  The actual number of spaces on the board is decreased, and the players have 3 pawns to get to Home instead of 4.  Other rules differences include “deflector shields” and more cards allowing pawns out of their Start area.  This rules set is obviously set to be more kid friendly, since younger gamers tend to not have the patience to wait for a draw of 1 or 2.  

Sorry!  Revenge

A popular way to refresh/rehash a classic game is for a company to produce an alternative skin or new rules format.  Let's take a look at a few different versions of the classic Sorry! and decide how many of these are really necessary.