Perfect with some color tweaking!

There are so many great patterns that work for her, but here are some I like.

Really, any skirt or leggings will do. This pattern is just cute.

This one instead puts me in mind of the Arkham videogames.

So, I said I’d out together outfits? Here they are! These links take you to a page that goes over the pattern details, and how you can gain access to the pattern. Each pattern was chosen because it gives me a ‘feel’ for the character, and not much else.

The perfect one I found was no longer available! This one is still adorable though.

This is the sort of sexy and classy thing she would totally wear!


This gives me a very classic feel.

Mostly included for the shorts!

Poison Ivy!

Two classy examples of crochet jewelry. There’s a lot out there, and, as you can see, it can be stunning.

This is the trickiest of all. Catwoman is more of a feel than anything else, and seeing as you’re not very prone to knitting an entire bodysuit, I put together a list of things that feel like something she would wear.

Either way you choose, here’s some ivy to decorate!

A cute way to sort of simulate her vines! Amazing pattern.

Inspiration comes more from her current incarnations than anything else. I couldn’t find a hat pattern I liked enough, and don’t have my own written up anymore.

Sort of that perfect edginess for Harley.

These are just cute.

Putting this here for funsies.

Harley Quinn!