I love mapping, or collecting maps of each world, and filling my mind with each new possibility. Finally, I love finding others like myself. I enjoy debating, reflecting, comparing every little idea, and experiencing new concepts I would never have seen without someone else’s perspective to show me things I hadn’t thought of or seen. And with that, I bring this first issue poly-bagged, holograph-covered, signed and, most importantly, graded to an end. Now that you know a little more of what The Power Trip brings to the table, be ready for what comes next. Keep an eye peeled for my first video, where I’ll dig into the topic that I had originally intended for this article.  To Reboot: The pros and cons of restarting your own universe! Don’t miss “The Next Issue!"

My most relaxing moments are just sitting back in my study or outdoors on the porch immersing myself in the many different worlds each hand-drawn book holds. Over time, I have discovered that I am not just a man who reads comics, but a historian of the fictionist realm. I love to chronicle each world, identify its pivotal moments in history, and log each possible reality and future. 

Tme changes, and nowadays, I’d almost enjoy to just blanket myself (or at least my bed and floor) in comics.

My first comic was actually Issue Number 3 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures back in the 80’s. Now, as any child would, I had and still have a great love for cartoons, video games, board games and the like, but my first love was comics. While I did enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons or turning on my gaming system, I’d drop anything as soon as the newest issue of TMNTA came out. Of course, back then, comic shops were a lot more sporadic. Most of my first issues came from gas stations and grocery stores. 

An origin tale - well not quite an origin tale per se - but it is a glimpse into my world. You see, I’ve been a collector and reader of comics for a great while.

You will have to forgive me. This is not quite the premier issue I had envisioned when I first came up with the idea for my article. When this opportunity first presented itself, my mind exploded into a multiverse of ideas and stories. It took me what seemed like ages to battle my personal secret war and overcome my own crises of thoughts. I had narrowed my infinite choices down to two and was ready to regale you all with a subject of great thought, but like any good number one issue, this will be my second idea.

Good day one and all. Welcome to the first entry, first issue even, of “The Next Issue.” I am Brad, The Culture Cache’s resident comic book connoisseur, but in keeping with the topic, you may refer to me as The Power Trip. Just think of it as my super hero/villain identity for the story from here on out. Comics have long been a fascination of mine since I was a wee lad--not quite The Power Trip you see before you.