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This has been an interesting journey so far. I’ve learned quite a bit, even this early on, and can’t wait for more! See you guys next week!

Okay, so, this one isn’t actually done... I ran out of hairspray. It needs to be trimmed and styled properly, but you get the gist. The main downside to this yarn is it’s more delicate than what I normally use, so I have to hairspray it as I go to style it properly. This wig was originally going to be the only one made from yarn, due to the short sides. It needs some cleaning up with thinning shears to make it look neater, and the top needs to be trimmed a lot, but I’m very pleased overall. This style CAN be achieved with fake hair, but I’ve done it before and the results can be mixed, so I wanted to give it a shot. Plus, the sides are so pet-ably soft!

Okay, so, this didn’t turn out so bad! The spacing on the curls may be a little off but that has nothing to do with materials and everything to do with my styling. Ah well, can’t change it now. It’s a cartoon anyway; I get a few liberties, right? Really though, there are so many beautiful Pearl wigs out there made from pre-made wigs, the only reason I had to do this was to save money. The only benefit I got was this is probably the most accurate colour I could have gotten. I may fix it so it goes up higher in the back, or I may not. I’m not decided yet, because this is a little more realistic, and a little less "my sculpture of a wig due to so much hairspray sticks out so far behind me I can’t comfortably sit in the car with it on," because I’ve done that, and it sucks. I’m pretty happy with the shape though, overall. We’ll call this a success at the end, with waaaaaay too much time spent on it. If I remake it in the future I’ll either start with a pre-made wig, or weft it myself.


...and I end with this pretty little pile. This little pile only covered this much of the wig cape though...

I started off with this giant pile of yarn to be ironed. This is 300 plugs of fluff...

And ironing takes it full circle. It’s so pretty when you’re done! ...Trust me, kids, just buy fake hair. Or pre-made wigs. Don’t be like me. I’m insane.

Then you brush it out with a slicker brush. You cannot use a comb with this! It’ll drive you nuts. Trust me.

First you cut out a lot of yarn. A lot. And tie two strands together. This makes one plug. 

Now it’s time for some of my poor decision making. These Pearl wigs are completely made of yarn, because I’m a crazy person. One has such a short hair style I didn’t feel like fighting with wefting a wig that short, and the other... I... honestly got cheap and really just wanted to see if I could pull it off. You’ve seen me make a yarn wig before, so why were these so much more difficult? I couldn’t use the yarn I normally do! You see, I needed it to look like hair instead of fur, and so I used acrylic, worsted weight yarn. I don’t recommend using this yarn, for good reason. The canon Pearl wig has 540 plugs of yarn in it, and I didn’t bother to keep track of what Pilot Pearl has going on. This yarn provides a lot of waste (that I’ve kept to stuff plushies with) and requires a lot more work, including a lot of brushing AND ironing it straight...

That’s a bit better! Garnet’s hair is simultaneously easy and difficult. I don’t think I’m done with this yet, to be honest. It’s almost a square shape, but I think I can get it even closer! I don’t have any long scissors at home, so I think I’ll be bringing my spare pair from work to try and get the outline on this even cleaner. It reminded me of grooming a standard poodle’s topknot! Except square instead of round, which was interesting, but that’s a discussion for a different day. This wig is amazingly huge, and a little daunting at first, but I think the finished product will be worth it. Technically it looks just fine to use right now, I just think I can get it even more accurate... I’m ambitious.

Okay. This is straight out of the package. Yes, it’s a jumbo afro wig ordered from Amazon, probably about the same as something you could get from Party City. It’s such a mess. But after a bit of teasing and some trimming...

I’ll start with Amethyst. I also didn’t get any good photos of this because I originally wasn’t going to talk about it. The first photo is straight out of the mailbox, the second is after a lot of hairspray and trimming on my own head, as you can probably see by all the tiny hairs on Edward’s face. This is a relatively cheap wig, only costing about fifteen US dollars. I wasn’t sure how often my sister was going to wear this, so I opted to try a cheaper option. Honestly, it doesn’t seem so bad thus far. A little thin but not horribly so. I’ve heard iffy reviews, so I’m curious to see how it holds up over time. We may be investing in a more reliable option if this wig ends up being worn enough!

Either way, today I’m going to share my progress with you in the form of Amethyst, Garnet, and two Pearl wigs, all from Steven Universe. First I’ll talk about the two store bought wigs that I played with.

Alrighty everyone! This week has been a little crazy for me. I have spent SO much time at my day job, while trying to make two wigs, and style two more! I have tried my hardest to get this to you in the time promised, and I’ve still only partially accomplished that. Insert sigh here.