Construction is particularly awkward.

Stick around for info, fun, and a little bit of insanity. Sit back and enjoy the crazy ride with The Culture Cache's Cosplaying Around!

Caitlinn the Cosplay Kitty.

Of The Culture Cache.

Bringing you Cosplaying Around.


Or at least super cute.

So what will I be doing? Well, talking about everything cosplay of course! From tutorials to construction, to etiquette and staying in character! We'll have some fun exploring all of these potentially awkward things together!

I'd rather be a cat, actually.

Comics, though! I love them. So sometimes I'm okay with settling for super human.

'Who Is This Caitlinn, Anyway?'

So, I figured I'd give everyone some input on who this "Caitlinn" person is who thinks she's going to be talking about cosplay. Well, I'm better known online as Taintie, but for my love of alliteration, I liked the idea of being known as The Culture Cache's Caitlinn of Cosplaying Around.

Sorry, not sorry.

Any who, I've been costuming since 2006, nearly ten years ago. I've been making costumes from paper much longer than that! I was raised at the D&D table and fantasy is my first love. So of course I want so desperately to be anything but a mundane human!