Caitlinn hails from a far away land where reality is a matter of opinion and life can be accurately described with an Oingo Boingo song.
She duel-wields knitting needles and is also well trained with a crochet hook, but can be swift with a sewing needle if need be.
To her, life is a game, and she spends her time trying to unlock as many playable characters as she can, and loves every minute of it.
As the host of Cosplaying Around, she plans to share some of that journey with others, and maybe help them unlock their next special costume!

Brad's heart beats with the blood of an otaku. His soul was carved in the 
80's, and his mind is filled with comic book knowledge. No matter which 
parallel reality or which alternate future, he thrives on digging deep to find out
the facts so that the road to the truth will be traveled. The present uses 
the past to build toward unlimited futures to bring you... The Next Issue.

Karlene Catastrophe is a Jill of all trades, master of a few.  She knows why a raven is like a writing desk, but has yet to use algebra in real life. She spends too much time putting things on top of other things and not enough time eating sushi. Her favorite Beatle is Paul, her favorite actor is Jimmy Stewart, and if her life is ever made into a film, it should be directed by Edgar Wright (since Billy Wilder is dead).  She is the host of Two Cent Cinema.

Curt is an honorary Belmont who never really left the 80's.  He is a well-known, fun-loving, loudmouth.  He has about a thousand video games and plans to share his insight with you.  Welcome to The Culture Cache!  Enjoy your stay!  He is the host of Zero Sum Gaming.  And, yes, he does wear his sunglasses at night.

Tomix was born in the 80's, experienced the 90's, gave up in the 00's, and has been coasting on the river of life since birth.  When not gaming or working, he finds new ways to troll reality for his own amusement.  He is the host of Punk Rock Tabletop.

We are people with a love of all things culture.  The odds are good that we have something for you!  We have dedicated specialists in the fields of video games, movies and television, comic books and manga, costuming, and tabletop and board games.  With multiple updates per week, we will certainly be your one-stop shop for entertainment!

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